So little time, so much depression
So little time, so much depression

So little time, so much depression


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Standing in an empty place
there is no reason for me to face
to face the one that I fear most
But am I still my sanity's host?

Have walked my path for 3 months now
Don't know how I could choose this..."how?"
I blame myself, I regret my choice
There haven't been too many joys
I wish I could just walk away
but honor forbids it, I'll have to stay
This is just tiring, I see no hope
"lets give up now"...sadly "nope"

I feel so filled, much filled with hate
and jealousy too, it seems too late
I've lost so much, I've lost my Love
there's not much left "was ich noch hoff"
14.11.06 19:44

Thoughts on my mind

Some will never know, the pain inside my soul
Many will never try to see behind this curtain

No one can see inside another one's soul
we can only guess, but so many don't even try

Many have problems, many feel lost
but why do they feel that way?
You'll never know
I'll never know
But they sure know why

Even a coin has two why do we all expect to understand everything from the first moment we encounter it?
There is more to many stories than we might think at first...

I hate myself, i love my style
I do so many stupid things i never wanted to do
I try to gain what i seek so much
but what I seek...nobody knows...nobody cares...
Maybe life ain't fair, or it's all my fault

I try to stay true to myself...but at the same time everyone makes fun of me because of it. I'am not sure anymore if I really want to be that way...but still I don't want to change.

I think my main fault is jealousy
Even in love I can't do the right thing

I am not too different from my father...and I hate it

I care too much for others,
but this won't help me with my dreams
I can't just look away...but until now I never accomplished anything...i was never able to help anyone or made anyone smile I wanted to...but still I can't stop

I feel alone in this huge world
I'll only have myself in the end
But this won't fill the void inside my soul
I want to help...but won't ever be able to help myself

I hate myself, but I love my style
26.11.06 20:35


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