So little time, so much depression
So little time, so much depression

So little time, so much depression


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Thinking about the english language : death sentence

Ich weiss nicht ob du auch bei Lokalistne bist, aber hier nochmal extra um dich zu ärgern Kaio!

Today the term is "death sentence". Of course you might say that it simply derives from "sentence to death" but I was thinking of another possible solution. What if "sentence" is meant as a construction of words? Lets go back to medieval times since I think it's an older expression and not a modern one.

Imagine some kingdom with a king, a queen, many many servants, vassals, peasants and no dragons or fairies ( I guess). Some peasant does something the king doesn't approve of like maybe not paying his taxes or saying the king is a dumbass. What will the king do now? Sit in a corner and cry? Try talking it out with the peasant in question? Hell no of course, for he's the king! He'll maybe have the peasant get tortured or even killed. But our king here likes to be creative, so the usual "cut the head off" routine won't do for him all the time. So what should he try this time? He remembers last thursday when he discussed with his advisor if every angle-saxon should be experienced in fishing or not (a very bad pun if you translate it literally into german). The advisor had so much to say that the king almost wished himself dead or at least deaf (would have been less of a disadvantage if he had wished his advisor to be mute, but well you don't get all the good ideas at the right time, right?).

But because of this the king wanted to try a new method : killing somebody by more the less talking him to death. So he told the guards to put the peasant into the dungeon and had them make sure he couldn't cover his ears in any way or use his mouth to talk. Now the punishment started. The king wanted to see if you could really kill a man by talking to him all the time without letting him do anything but force him to keep listening. Would that be enough to kill him,or just strengthen his desire to kill himself?

So the king called for bards, morons, angry women and anyone who likes to talk a lot to take part in this experimental new method of killing someone. Well did it work? I don't know but I guess it did somehow. After the peasant died. the people were horrified when they heard of this new method. Stories of certain sentences that could kill a man just by speaking them out came to be and spread very fast across the kingdom and even to nearby kingdoms! So a wave of bad hygiene and fear swept across the land and thus the term "death sentence" was born. Ironically this story helped women and bards to become more respected and feared in society because of their innate ability to talk a long time without pausing. In the modern day we use this term to refer to killing a person and some who had ancestors from those kingdoms mentioned above still shiver a bit when they hear it tough most don't remember the origin of this reaction.
4.10.07 14:11

Help me think!

Nun da bin ich wieder nach gut einer Woche Schule nun. Hab inzwischen gearbeitet an 2-3 Texten und werd vorr mindestens einen davon in der 2. Version posten allein scho um was vorzeigen zu können, vllt findets ja auch jemand witzig, wer weiss.

Allerdings hier ein Vorschlag : Ich such immer Themen zum drüber lamentieren auf englisch, also wenn jemand ne idee hat dann her damit...wer weiss ob ich net draus was wirklich gutes machen kann wie damals meine Auto-Variante von I have a dream (ich will niemand beleidigen, ich versuche nur ein grosses Werk auch im kleinen Umfeld einzusetzen) oder 'The origin of the term death sentence'

Ich bitte um Vorschläge, haut rein!
18.9.07 23:57

tomorrow draws near

Wie man unschwer erkennen kann kam ich nicht mehr zu irgendwelcher quality work die letzten zwei wochen, zumindest nicht hier. morgen geht die schule wieder los und ich kom hoffentlich in die richtige klasse mit dem richtigen umfeld...auf deutsch ich kom dazu mein karma abzuarbeiten welches ich mir in der 11. aufgeladen habe ungewollt.

vllt passiert ja etz dann hier endlich was? der wow server auf dem ich zock is zurzeit mit problemen offline also hab ich zuviel zeit : (

schlimm...erst gestern fast nie arathi und etz das....teh sucks!

morgen mehr dann...und ja das alles kleinschreiben war absicht
10.9.07 10:17


Soa bin etz wieder back seit 2 Tagen und im halb-schreibfähigen Zustand. Leider hab ich die letzten Tage erhebliche Probleme Gedanken zu konzentrieren und hab dafür die seltsamten verwirrenden Träume..ich hoffe ich kom trotzdem zu halfway quality-work hier bald
26.8.07 13:15

Drohung / Versprechen

Bin n paar Tage voraussichtlich net in PC oder sonstwas nähe aber sobald ich back bin und schreibfähig, wird sich hier einiges ändern!
21.8.07 00:50

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